William R. Dolson
Curriculum Vitae
William Robert Dolson
121 Aviatioin Dr.
Bldg 4010C
Santa Fe, NM 87507
505.400.4485 cell

Professional Experience:
1975-PresentIndependent Consultant, Software and Systems Engineering
Provides consulting services including research and development, product design and development, and systems integration and programming for a variety of firms, predominantly small companies and start-ups. Possesses extensive expertise in embedded and PC environments, real-time, digital video and media, digital image processing, computer graphics, machine vision, and the internet. Projects undertaken for firms in aerospace, defense, film and television, banking, communications, building, and biopsychology.
2012-2015Manager, POS Tech Solutions, LLC
Co-founder and manager of a start-up producing upgrade terminals for automated cashiers in the car wash and parking industries. Provides complete product line engineering for a virtual hand-held terminal, network appliance providing remote management over the internet, and upgrade embedded credit card terminals which not only support conventional creedit cards but also fleet cards, a first for these industries.
2003-2006Airport Manager, Estancia Municipal Airport
Volunteered to manage the development of a small rural airport, consisting of a dirt strip with no based aircraft. Coordinated grants from the State of New Mexico Department of Transportation to prepare an Airport Action Plan. Applied for funding for the construction of ramps and taxiways. Worked with the Town of Estancia to develop land leases for hangar construction.
1998-2004President race-cars.com, ltd,   Manager race-cars.com, llc
Founded the leading web site for racing car sales internationally. Designed and implemented servers and software for hosting of a very large and dynamic site which entertains thousands of visitors daily with a variety of interactive features. Sold the website to Chicago-Soft, Ltd in 2004.
1993-1999President, Bill Dolson Racing, Ltd.
Formed a company to restore, prepare, and campaign historic racing cars for customers in the Northeast. Won numerous on-track and concours awards.
1978-1985President, Architel Systems, Inc., New York, NY
Founder and CEO of manufacturer of microcomputer-based lighting control systems for building automation. Acted as principal designer of complex system including line and low voltage equipment, proprietary LAN, and central processor with proprietary real-time kernel. Bootstrapped the company from 2 employees to 20 through several stages of venture capital funding. In final year managed operations as independently reporting division after acquisition by a manufacturer of building automation systems.
1974-1975Software Specialist, Digital Equipment Corporation, Metuchen NJ
Acted as primary software support specialist for Bell Telephone Laboratories including support for the Unix and C language development groups and the ESS development group. Also performed consulting on behalf of DEC for several major New York banks, the Associated Press Financial News Service, and Brookhaven Labs. Specialized in PDP-11s running RSX-11, RT-11, and Unix.
1973-1974Research Programmer, ANTS - ARPANET Terminal Systems, Champaign, IL
Engaged in real-time data communications operating system design for an ARPANET terminal access system. ANTS was a spin-off from the Center for Advanced Computation. Implemented Telnet file handlers and network graphics protocols.
1972-1973Research Assistant, Center for Advanced Computation University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana
Performed research in computer graphics and digital image processing, developing system for processing and display of LANDSAT imagery on ILLIAC IV. The Center for Advanced Computation later became NCSA, the Nation Center for Supercomputer Applications, of Netscape fame.
1971-1972Research Assistant, Coordinated Science Laboratory University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana
Performed research in computer simulation of coherent optical systems, computer graphics, hidden surface algorithms, computer animation, virtual memory systems.
1970-1971Engineering Assistant, Department of Electrical Engineering, Antenna Laboratory University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana
Performed research in holography and coherent optical imaging systems and optical memories, hybrid digital/optical image processing.
1976-PresentNumerous professional seminars and conferences including annual participation at the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Convention, IBC (International Broadcasting Convention), and ACM SIGGRAPH (Special Interest Group Computer Graphics) Convention
2009-PresentUniversity of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM, College of Fine Art, BAFA Art History, Deans List
2002Private Pilot, Aircraft Single Engine Land Instrument, West Mesa Aviation, Albuquerque, NM
2001Private Pilot, Glider, Sundance Aviation, Moriarty, NM
2000Private Pilot, Aircraft Single Engine Land, Aero-Safety Training, Lincoln Park, NJ
1970-1974University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana
Participated as one of twelve students in pilot Individual Plans of Study program for exceptional students. Undertook four year program of primarily graduate and independent study courses in Engineering Physics, Computer Science, Cinematography, and Fine Arts. Maintained full time staff position throughout.
1966-1970Loyola Academy, Glenview, Illinois
Learned programming as a high school sophomore, Loyola being one of the first high schools in the country to have a computer, an IBM 1130. Learned Fortran and assembler and wrote numerous large programs by graduation.

National Finalist, State of Illinois, Westinghouse Science Talent Search, 1970, holographic optical memory

Professional Memberships:       ACM, IEEE, SMPTE, CAA

References:       furnished upon request

Hobbies:       Flying, gliding

(Application 6/99)Improved Image Segmentation by User-Guided Image Processing Techniques
US 5,034,981 Anti-copying video signal processing
US 4,914,694 Modifying a television signal to inhibit recording/reproduction
European 89905517.2 Modifying a Television Signal to Inhibit Recording/Reproduction

a parallel fine arts career is described here